The term “tune up” was originally derived from the practice of tuning an engine’s ignition timing. Modern automobiles use self-correcting, computer-controlled ignition, and so tuning is required very rarely. However, the term has survived to refer to a single service that covers multiple components, usually the following:

Replacement of the fuel filter.
Replacement of all spark plugs and wires. This may involve removing a manifold on certain engines, especially those with a V cylinder configuration.
Replacement of various other ignition components, such as the distributor cap and rotor.
Adjustment of the distributor cap angle on vehicles without electronic, or ‘distributorless’, secondary ignition usually with the aid of a timing light.
Inspection of serpentine belts and replacement as needed.
Replacement of the air filter.
Adjustment of the clutch on cars equipped with a manual transmission.
Battery service as needed, including cleaning any corrosion on the terminals.
Replacement of the PCV valve.

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